6 great training gears and apparatus for Arm wrestling

If you want to do arm wrestling, you need the right apparatus. And we know some great products priced inexpensively. We provide here some recommendations on tables, grip gear, training handles and so on. We have used these personally and are satisfied with their performance, comfort and ease of use. Here you go!

Combat Armsports – Pro-Series Armwrestling Table

The combat armsports pro-series armwrestling table is the definition of strength. In fact, the manufacturers say that the table can survive a battle zone. Despite the delicate and industrial grade manufacturing, the table is actually portable. It can be dismantled and transported easily. We use this regularly at our armwrestling tournaments. Funnily enough, we have actually tried different ways to try to break the able without success. Definitely a recommendation.

Pinch block dumbbell set –  Strongergrip

Strongergrip’s dumbbell set is a great set of apparatus to increase grip strength. It doesn’t come along with dumbbells, but then if you are a strength fitness trainer you probably have a few sets of pins lying around. For more on pinching, check out our post on grip strength where we talk a bit about how to use it and its advantages here.


Wrist rattler – Strongergrip

Stongergrip’s wrist rattler is another ingenious product to use. It can be used for normal training and Olympic powerlifting. It can be used with bands or pulleys. You can plug in your dumbbell pins with this to enhance your grip strength.

Qingre Arm Workout Machine

Qingre is an Amazon supplier and has designed a great product for your use. Their Arm workout machines are resistance bands, priced at as low as $16, to both increase grip strength and burn calories. Talk about killing two birds with one shot! The product is extremely durable as well.

Arm Blaster

This is quite cool actually. Its function is to isolate your biceps and triceps so that you get maximum effect. With the Arm blaster, you can keep other muscles locked to activate your arms. It is priced at just $40 in Amazon. We strongly recommend this to beginners and amateurs who are unable to work out or isolate a particular muscle.


With a name like Viking strength, do we really need to recommend this more! In seriousness, this is a product that thickens grips and accelerates muscle growth. The way it happens is that by increasing the grip on, say a dead lift, you activate the muscles better and make the workout more efficient. It is preferred by athletes, Olympic powerlifters and professional bodybuilders. Not a necessary item for the average gym-goer.

Go through the product description in the manufacturer’s or retailer’s website and carefully assess if it makes sense for you at this time. We hope they add value to you as much as they did to us.

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