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adverise - Advertise With Us

We are constantly on the lookout for different type of advertisers who genuinely want to help fitness-oriented people to accomplish their goals. We have an advertiser community of 100+ currently. Why not join us to leverage our amazing and ever-increasing community of readers!

We look for the following types, although we are not limited to them – Gyms and specialty fitness studios, health food manufacturers, supplement manufacturers, training equipment manufacturers, physios, fitness instructors and so on. The perks of advertising with us are that in addition to access to our community, you get:

Significant banner space

As our blog posts are specific and tailored to a certain user profile, you can get significant banner/ad space if you have a custom solution or offering. This has worked out amazingly well for our current advertisers.

Promotional events

Outside of the blog, we hold events such as arm wrestling competitions, feats, challenges, WWF night outs and so on. These events provide great opportunities for SMEs and freelancers to have meaningful conversations and validations with potential customers.

Premium advertising

If we get more than 200 positive reviews for your product or service, we will assign you additional banner space for free in our blog and blogs of similar fitness communities that we have positive relationships with.