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These is no one-rule in bodybuilding, fitness or training. The frustrating fact is that these depend a lot on genetics, mental fortitude and physical reactions. Our bodies each reach in different ways to an exercise. As we cannot prescribe a definitive training schedule based on just our own personal examples, we are always on the lookout for people both similar and different to us to join the community.

Our writers are assigned a quantity of content to write each month. Due to our enormous community of 20K+ readers 100+ advertisers, you are guaranteed visibility and monetary compensation. We look for the following personality facets.


We need dedicated people, not necessarily supersized ones. As long as you are committed to your training and enjoy it enough to experiment different things, you are welcome.

Thirst for knowledge

You read a lot on fitness, diet and training. You apply some of those into your own training regimen to understand what does and doesn’t work for your body

Love for Arms

Of course, you need to love those big and bulky arms. At the end of the day, that is our core interest and expertise.

Feel like this is the perfect description of you? Then get in touch with our content team at writers@armwrestlingsupersite.com.