4 reasons why you should be cautious with weight gain supplements

I depended a lot on weight supplements during my early days at the gym. I was a very skinny boy and was required to take protein boosters to ensure I could stick to my training schedule. It is common sense that any supplement has side-effects. It is nothing new to us. But it begs the question – what should we be aware of before we partake such supplements?

Mass supplements are a popular source of calories. They are heavily loaded with carbohydrates, fats and proteins – the three key nutrient categories that contribute to an increase in mass. They different from whey protein in that they include other nutrients as well. Most of them also contain Creatine, which accelerates muscle formation. In short, they offer all the necessary benefits to a person wanting to increase body mass.

Let us look at some factors you should be aware of whilst consuming such supplements.

Uncontrolled weight

As mentioned earlier, mass supplements contain all classes of nutrients. If you consume supplements whilst not keeping up with your workout routine, the carbohydrates and proteins are converted to fat molecules. Normally when you consume any food item, the body burns the carbohydrates first, followed by the protein molecules. Fat molecules are at the bottom end of that list, as they take considerably large time and/or require high intensity exercises to burn.

toi - 4 reasons why you should be cautious with weight gain supplements

Digestive disorders

Digestive disorders such as diarrhea can result from uncontrolled use of such supplements. However this is only in exceptional cases. The problem happens when the intensity at the gym drops off and you continue to consume the same quantity of supplements. Another side-effect in this regard is an increase in blood acidity levels, leading to the body burning more fats. In exceptional cases, this can lead to liver failure.

Chemical combination with caffeine

Caffeine is found in most mass supplements as it is an energy booster. It combines with creatine and leads to cases of dehydration. This is one of the easier side-effects to control, although not desirable. The reason being that your body needs to be hydrated when you work out. When you use mass gain supplements, your body requires even more water than in normal cases.

Cost factor

It is an expensive habit to maintain, as mass supplements don’t come cheap. It is always a good idea to look for alternatives with similar effects.

While we are not discouraging the use of supplements, we implore you to keep these precautions in mind. It is ideal to check with health consultants or fitness trainers before consuming mass supplements.

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