3 Surprising Exercises to Improve Arm Wrestling Performance

Forearm strength is crucial when it comes to arm wrestling.

If you arm wrestle, then you arelaqdy know all of the basic exercises done with dumbbells, weight machines, pull-ups and more.

But if you are needing a few new ways to take your arm wrestling to the next level, try these 3 surprising exercises!

Here are 3 Surprising Exercises to Improve Arm Wrestling Performance:


boxing focus mitts - 3 Surprising Exercises to Improve Arm Wrestling Performance

Armwrestling requires quick burst strength to blast out of the gate and decisively pin your foe, and slow-burning, long-lasting power that grants you the endurance to hold out during a long match and finish your opponent off when they give away their position.

Boxing is all about reading your opponent and knowing when to strike.

It required endurance, using muscle groups that you may not use on a regular basis, and pushing through when you feel fatigue.

Many of these characteristics are the same as arm wresting and that is why boxing is such a great training technique.

Boxing with focus mitts really helps use muscle groups that you may have a hard time training with standard weight lifting, and it requires you use more focus and bursts of strengths.

Style Within Reach has a list of the best ones here.

Wringing Out a Wet Towel

This might sound like an odd and unconventional exercise but it is actually a secret of the pros.

Arm wrestling requires super forearm strength and this exercise works your forearm.

Don’t believe us? Just give it a try and see how your forearm feels after a few minutes, it is a lot more difficult than it sounds.

You do this exercise by continuously wringing a thick, wet terry cloth towel into a bucket of water.

Best of all, this exercise can be done daily, at home, with as many reps as you can muster.

You will feel the burn!

For a great tutorial on how to do this exercise correctly, checkout this blog post on Ironmind.com.

Pull-ups with Wrist Engagement

If pull-ups aren’t already part of your standard arm wrestling workout plan, they should be.

But to get even more out of your standard pull-up, try pull-ups with wrist engagement.

To do this, you want the wrists cupped inwards on the bar with wrist flexion.

This move is definitely for those more advanced exercisers who can already reliably rep out pull-ups with good form.

So to take it to the next level, engage the wrists.

Make sure you do these correctly so that you don’t end up injuring yourself.

Here is a great YouTube video showing you how to correctly do Pull-Ups with Wrist Engagement:

What other exercises have you tried to improve your strength, endurance, and arm-wrestling game?

We would love to hear them in the comments below!

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