3 warm-up exercises that are crucial to your training

All of us prefer to have broad shoulders, rippling muscles and ribbed abdomens. Here at Armwrestling supersite, we focus on arms but also on overall body fitness. To build your deltoids, shoulders, biceps and triceps, the rest of your body needs to be able to support the mass built. This post will focus on a holistic bodybuilding approach for strength trainers.

Most of us have a different approach to training. It is difficult and perhaps wrong to say that one will always work and the other will always not. On average, there are a few exercises that we all do as they are absolutely essential to maintaining a bulky and fit physique. These are exercises that focus on multiple muscles simultaneously, such as push-ups (chest, triceps and shoulders), pull-ups (lats, deltoids and biceps) and squats (glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps).

trainign2 - 3 warm-up exercises that are crucial to your training

The idea is that while you maintain a different training routine every day at the gym, you still repeat certain exercises such as the ones mentioned above each day in varying quantities. For example, push-ups and squats are great warm-up exercises on the days you don’t use them as your core strength workout. They stretch multiple muscles and prepares them for an intense workout session.

Warm-ups are essential whilst doing strength training. If you are a seasoned bodybuilder, you stress your muscles to immense fatigue each day. If your muscles are not used to the contractions, you stand the risk of serious injury or soreness in the following days. Here it is vital to point out the difference between warm-ups and stretches. Stretches are mostly static exercises and barely affect blood circulation, whereas warm-ups are more dynamic in nature and help blood flow and oxygenation of muscles.

We hope this has given you an idea of good warm-up practices that you should always follow, regardless of whether you do a strength session or cardio to tone your body.

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