2 muscles that we just cannot ignore, and why.

If you have been hitting the gym regularly, you know and understand these terminologies well – pecs, deltoids, hamstrings, glutes, lats and so on. They are the names of key muscles in our body that we work out. To have an optimal body, we need to work out each and every muscle to an optimum level. But do we?

Men always want a big, broad chest, broad shoulders and strong legs. It Is ingrained into us psychologically that men need a strong body to protect themselves and their loved ones. For that reason alone, it is impossible to find a strength trainer in the gym who doesn’t do a bench press to work out the pecs, weighted squats to work out the quadriceps or a dead-lift to work out the hamstrings and lower back.

There are, however, some exercises that we should be doing but aren’t that sexy enough. Take our calves for example. Our calves have the biggest job of supporting the rest of the body as it builds up mass. If our calves don’t possess the required strength, it puts unnecessary pressure on our weaker joints such as the knees and ankles. In fact, a lot of bodybuilders experience pain in their joints as they didn’t pay enough attention to their calves.

gym - 2 muscles that we just cannot ignore, and why.

Another key muscle we ignore is the glutes. Did you know that the gluteus maximus – the official name for the muscle – is the largest in the human body? It has the ability to support the body if built properly. And yet, we focus all our attention on our quadriceps and hamstrings, the muscles being supported by the gluteus. The next time you do a squat, stretch your muscles all the way till you feel your glutes stretch.

We end this post with a recommendation that you go through genericfitness and strength training related blogs and read up as much as possible on all muscles you need to work out.

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