5 great resources to get a comprehensive fitness view

Outside of our blog, we recommend you to check out some amazing resources related to bodybuilding, endurance and arm wrestling. With these resources, you should be able to educate yourselves on all aspects of fitness. Here are some recommendations:


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This is the biggest online resource for anything related to fitness. Bodybuilding.com has blogs, workout plans, nutrition plans and an online shop. It is universally loved by its community and has a huge network of trainers and bodybuilders. Whether you are a martial artist, athlete, sportsperson or a strength trainer, you need to keep this in your sight at all times.

Men’s Health

Yet another famous online resource followed by men worldwide. There are even more categories here that cater to every profile. For muscle building, there are bulk-up tips, six-pack tips etc. When it comes to sports, there are blogs catered to Rugby. Cycling, running and adventure. Men’s health presents to you real life cases and stories of people who have achieved incredible feats. It is a motivational read as well.

Armwrestling: How to Become a Champion by Ernie Jeffrey

This book remains the classic arm wrestling book, adored by millions throughout the globe. Ernie Jeffrey is one of the biggest trainers in arm wrestling history. He trained a lot of champion wrestlers in his time. The book talks about all aspects of an arm wrestlers’ life – Will power, speed, adjusting the body, focusing on opponent’s strengths, building up energy, rules to be followed while arm wrestling, fairness and numerous other aspects.

youtube - 5 great resources to get a comprehensive fitness view


If you have time to spare, why not watch some videos of arm wrestling competitions to learn what it actually looks like. There are thousands of tutorials that teach you step-by-step on how to position your arm, adjust to movements, apply strength and conserve strength. Watching videos gives you a better idea as our brains are able to process images much easier than words.

The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance, and Endurance

This is one of the best books ever written that provide a scientific explanation on health, nutrition and training. Knowing the science behind any process we follow is essential to doing it correctly. Greg LeMond, the author, looks at our cellular structure and functionality and makes a correlation with human performance. Endurance and the limits of our performance are related to how fast our body is able to pump blood to reach our muscles to oxygenate them.

We will update this post as and when we find more interesting resources. Do remember to revisit this post soon!

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