4 life lessons we can learn from the greatest armwrestlers

Arm wrestling is awesome, let’s face it! It is a brilliant display of strength and gets you a lot of laurels. There have been some amazing arm wrestlers in our times, such as Denis Cyplenkov, John Brzenk and Devon Larratt. While it is fun just to rewatch videos of their feats, there is also a lot that can be learnt from them. Here we list some of those lessons.

arm2 - 4 life lessons we can learn from the greatest armwrestlers

Strength training is never-ending

Over at Armwrestling Supersite, we admire the drive and motivation that fuels professional wrestlers and boxers. People always think that a bulky frame is a sign of vanity, but that is not entirely true. A lot of great sports are based on having a bulky body and frame. Building and maintaining such a frame is extremely difficult. Professionals sacrifice a lot of things in their lives and dedicate themselves entirely to their training regimen. Some don’t even indulge even for a day in their lives.

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Mental fortitude is key

Strength is not the only requirement. If you are or desire to be a professional arm wrestler, you need to sharpen your mental faculties. You will likely go through a significant amount of failures due to the ever increasing competition in this field. Overcoming those failures and persevering is a sign of your mental state. Denis Cyplenkov, known fondly as ‘The Hulk’, had to go through a lot of obstacles in his fledgling life back in Ukraine. Today he is the most well-known figure in his field of profession.

arm - 4 life lessons we can learn from the greatest armwrestlers

Be competitive

Humility is not going to help you in the field, we are afraid to say. We have followed the lives of many professional arm wrestlers and have even had the good fortune to interview some of them. Being competitive every second of your life is crucial. You can never afford to show any sign of weakness. Arm wrestlers usually stare into their opponents’ eyes during a match to check their mental stability.

Indulge to an extent, but never overdo it

It’s unfair for us to tell you never to indulge in life. We all have our cravings and desires. The requirement is to keep a check on our indulging. Diet is crucial to fitness, and it applies equally to arm wrestling. To have a strong arm, the rest of your body needs to be strong enough to provide an able support.

We hope these lessons give you some idea into what it takes to become a professional arm wrestler. If you do apply these in life, make sure you stick to the plan and never swerve off from the road.

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