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Never lose at armwrestling again! Whether you want to be world champion or just beat your friends, the Ultimate Guide to Pro Armwrestling will show you how to easily defeat your challengers!



  • Includes More Than 130 Pictures of Champion Armwrestlers
  • Armwrestling Exercises You Can Perform in the Gym
  • Basic Moves (Hook, Toproll, and Press)
  • Advanced Moves (Posting Toproll, Hook and Drag)
  • How to Come Back from a Losing Position
  • How to Improve (Practice on the Table and Work in the Gym)
  • Advanced Strategy (What to Do in Different Situations)
  • How to Win in Social Settings (Bars, Kitchen Table, and On the Floor)
  • How to Position Yourself at the Table.
  • 70 Pages in Length
  • And Much, Much More!
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Summary of the Book
Armwrestling is considered by many to be the ultimate test of strength. What is not as well known is that, in many ways, arm wrestling is just like any other sport. Technique is every bit as important as strength in determining the winner of an arm wrestling match. Certainly, strength is important, but a person who knows the secret techniques used by professionals can often beat people who are 100 pounds heavier than they are. If you master the technique, you can appear stronger than people twice your size by easily beating them in a match!

It is this secret knowledge that is the topic of this book. Most of the information is geared toward matches that take place on a professional arm wrestling table, but this information is easily applied to matches taking place on other surfaces, like the kitchen table or even the floor. If you are interested only in recreational arm wrestling, you will find Chapter Nine, How to Win in Social Situations, which modifies the tips and techniques detailed in the book to surfaces other than a professional arm wrestling table, to be extremely helpful.

Learn Five Secret Arm Wrestling Techniques
The single biggest weapon an arm wrestler has against his opponents is not his biceps; rather, it is his knowledge of professional arm wrestling techniques. These moves can shift the battle of leverage in his favor and allow him to dominate opponents with much greater physical strength. Whether you want to beat the world champion or just your friends, the information in Chapter Four will arm you with the knowledge you need to win nearly every single arm wrestling match you ever have by teaching the five most effective moves in arm wrestling!

As an added bonus, you will learn several proven techniques on coming back from a losing position to win a match. The exercises and techniques covered in this book will no doubt put you on the winning side of many arm wrestling matches. However, there may be times where you find yourself being taken down by a stronger opponent. Regardless of your knowledge and training, this can be an unpleasant (and unsuccessful) situation if you have not practiced arm wrestling from a losing position. For that reason, we will also teach you how to arm wrestle from a losing position.

Learn How to Win in Social Settings
The beauty of arm wrestling is that it can be performed almost anywhere at any time. All you really need is a flat surface and an opponent. The fact is that the large majority of arm wrestling matches take place on surfaces other than an arm wrestling table, so you will not always be able to implement all the moves contained in this book. But you can still use the techniques in this book to beat your friends on just about any surface there is. There are different strategies and techniques that you can use to gain a leverage advantage, depending upon what you are arm wrestling on. After reading this chapter, you may never lose an arm wrestling match again!

Learn Arm Wrestling-Specific Exercises to Perform in the Gym
Win more matches by incorporating these arm wrestling-specific exercises into your workouts! Arm wrestling is a deceptive sport. It is not strictly a "strength" sport as people often think, because technique and speed are both very important. But anyone who asserts that strength is irrelevant in arm wrestling is either lying or ignorant. Strength matters to the extent that it allows you to execute various techniques. For instance, you cannot perform a toproll if you do not have the strength to create adequate backpressure.

So what kind of strength do you, the arm wrestler, need? If you believe that having big, strong biceps is the key to your success you are in for a surprise. The three most important areas for the arm wrester to train are (in order of importance): 1) Fingers and Hand; 2) Wrist and Forearm (a close second in importance); and 3) Biceps. While nearly the entire body is used in arm wrestling, these are the three areas that require specialized training.

In this chapter, we present to you numerous arm wrestling-specific exercises. Arm wrestling requires tremendous strength in areas that are not worked by most movements (the hand and forearm). Additionally, arm wrestling demands that many muscles perform an isometric muscular strength rather than the typical concentric/eccentric strength developed through more traditional weight training. For these reasons, you will recognize a few of the exercises, but the majority of them will likely be new to you.

No Matter Your Experience Level, This Book Will Benefit You!
Maybe you are already an experienced arm wrestler who still has some questions, like: How do I perform a posting toproll (or any other arm wrestling move)? Which move counters which? How do I come back from a losing position? What is the best strategy for winning a match in a bar, across a kitchen table, or on the floor? What exercises should I be performing in the gym to improve my arm wrestling? And sometimes there is not an arm wrestling table nearby. Maybe you are at a bar, a friend's house, a party... and you have to beat someone who is big and strong. How do you go about beating someone stronger than you when you don't have access to an arm wrestling table? We'll show you how to do that as well! If you want to be a champion arm wrestler, we've got what you need! These and many other questions have been answered in the most comprehensive arm wrestling manual ever produced! This book will put you on your way to becoming a champion arm wrestler. Stop letting your friends and family beat you at arm wrestling. Let us show you how you can leverage your knowledge for maximum effectiveness and a quick, impressive victory!

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