Tearing / Ripping a Phone Book in Half - Pictoral Explanation

Ripping a phone book in half (video) is not easy under any circumstances. However, here we will show you - how to tear through a phone book and really showcase your strength. We will also show you how to train your fingers, hands, and wrists specifically for this type of activity.

Please also feel free to view this video on ripping a phone book in half.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Step Five
You are now in position and ready to tear through it. In one fast, forceful, and fluid motion, KEEP QUEEZING THE BOOK TOGETHER WITH YOUR PECS AS HARD AS YOU CAN while rotating your hands so that they go from being palms facing down to palms facing up. This will create a tear in the book. Depending on your strength level, the book with either completely tear in half (if you are very strong) or tear only a little bit (if you are not as strong).

Tip: Make sure your grip is as tight as possible throughout the entire movement. If the book slides in your hands, you will not be able to tear the book in half.

Step Six

Step Seven

Step Eight

You've done it! Congratulations! Check out how it is done on video.

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