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3 Surprising Exercises to Improve Arm Wrestling Performance

Forearm strength is crucial when it comes to arm wrestling. If you arm wrestle, then you arelaqdy know all of the basic exercises done with dumbbells, weight machines, pull-ups and more. But if you are needing a few new ways to take your arm wrestling to the next level, try these 3 surprising exercises! Here Read More

4 reasons why you should be cautious with weight gain supplements

I depended a lot on weight supplements during my early days at the gym. I was a very skinny boy and was required to take protein boosters to ensure I could stick to my training schedule. It is common sense that any supplement has side-effects. It is nothing new to us. But it begs the Read More

Why wrist strength matters, and 2 ways to test it.

Millenniums ago, men used to be tested on their strength to determine if they will outlast others. The stronger you were, the higher the probability of you outlasting your tribe. Survival of the fittest, literally. This post focusses on testing your strength by giving you some ways to analyze it. But before you do that, Read More

Low-carb and low-fat are not universally healthy!

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to food and diet. We tend to believe in a lot of “sexy” consumables, such as quinoa, soy, semi-skimmed milk, grilled chicken breast,  broccoli etc., as somewhat of a universally prescribed diet when it comes to eating healthy. There is also a sort of an addition Read More

6 great training gears and apparatus for Arm wrestling

If you want to do arm wrestling, you need the right apparatus. And we know some great products priced inexpensively. We provide here some recommendations on tables, grip gear, training handles and so on. We have used these personally and are satisfied with their performance, comfort and ease of use. Here you go! Combat Armsports Read More

4 reasons you should consider wrestling as a hobby

How many of us, as children, grew up with and marveled at the great WWF superstars of our generation! Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson, Triple H, Shawn Michaels… the list goes on. A lot of millennials and Gen X were inspired by wrestling. We give you a few reasons why you should Read More

5 great resources to get a comprehensive fitness view

Outside of our blog, we recommend you to check out some amazing resources related to bodybuilding, endurance and arm wrestling. With these resources, you should be able to educate yourselves on all aspects of fitness. Here are some recommendations: This is the biggest online resource for anything related to fitness. has blogs, workout Read More

4 life lessons we can learn from the greatest armwrestlers

Arm wrestling is awesome, let’s face it! It is a brilliant display of strength and gets you a lot of laurels. There have been some amazing arm wrestlers in our times, such as Denis Cyplenkov, John Brzenk and Devon Larratt. While it is fun just to rewatch videos of their feats, there is also a Read More

4 ways to gain the ultimate grip strength

This is our area, really! Arm wrestling is one of our favorite pastimes within our community. We constantly test ourselves against Matt, the strongest one in the group, to find out if our strength has shown signs of progress. A good arm wrestler focuses on a variety of muscles to improve his skills. One of Read More

How to avoid injury and to strengthen your wrists

All of us have had a wrist injury at least once. The wrist is a collection of carpal bones present in the human body between the arm and forearm. Gym-goers would tend to tell you that it is one of the weakest joints in our body and is seriously injury-prone. However it is excessively and Read More